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  Hello, I am a little boy who only sees right with his heart...
Which doesn't make my parent's daily life any easier. So I'm blind and different (mentally speaking).




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Welcome to Lou's blog

This blog was born in french during autumn 2003 and is now progressively being translated in your language.

New articles will therefore appear on a regular basis.


... my apologies to the people who hadn't understood this yet, all articles on this website are created and written by myself (his dad).

Lou is currently unable to do it,, just like he is to this day unable to grasp the concept of a "computer", "internet", or to focus for a long period of time on a conversation. Only time will tell us if we manage to integrate him completely in the world in which he lives.

Therefore all stories, despite relating actual facts, are obviously biased by my interpretation of his behavior. But having known him for over five years, I don't think I'm getting it wrong.

Want to know more ? Check out the "read me" page.

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monday 28 february 2005

65. Expressive !

If there is one thing you can say about me, it's that I'm expressive ! Whether by the tone of my voice (yelling, laughing, whispering and anger) or the expressions on my face. A lot of people say that.
But the funny thing is, did you ever think about the fact that with me, all my facial expressions are inborn ?
Contrary to you, I have no mimesis, like little monkeys, since I can't see.
Astonishing isn't it ?

picture :
Lou et papa
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friday 18 february 2005

59. Games (3) and pre-brail

(3 - continued)

So, to make things more playful ( we do that in school ), daddy built a six compartments box where he stores sometimes cubes, sometimes animals. That immediately makes it more fun.
Although I reckon despite all their efforts, I don't always agree to play. Even worse, sometimes they have to force me. Good thing after a rainbow of feelings I end up taking the bait most of the time.
"So daddy... Show me... Daddy's turn now !"
Daddy :
"So show me the cow in the top left corner."
I then grab it and give it to daddy.
Me : "Yes, it's actually fun to play with one's little hands..."
Just goes to show, right !

Le braille et ses six cases
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wednesday 16 february 2005

58. Games (2) and pre-brail

Lou et el braille(2 - continued)

To tell you the whole truth, mommy and daddy are a bit of a pain in the ... Because what I like more than anything else is swinging, laughing, imitating, singing or listening to music and stories. But regularly they force me to "play with my little hands". They tell me it's essential for my future. Whatever. And since the basis of my school curriculum is bringing me to brail, I must learn the notion of six boxes (or six dots) which is the very foundation of the brail language (every letter is a variation of a combination of six points). For that, I must acquire the notion of "up" and "down", after which I can discover that in between the two, there is a "middle".
Then repeat this notion but this time defining a "left" and a "right".
And maybe some day find out that to the left, there is another left and right, and same thing to the right.
Not so easy huh ? I can't tell you how much it annoys me ...
(to be continued)
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sunday 13 february 2005

57. Games and me ... (1)

Les jeux de lou(1) Since I was born, mommy (especially her) went out of her way to find games suitable to my blindness and possibly interesting to me.
After five years I can't tell you how much stuff my parents accumulated to trigger my awakening.
From miniature piano to the accordion, and in between the harmonica, the Kalimba, the Djembe (etc), from games where you must fit things together to basic puzzles, from the laughing doll to the
animals of the farm with their respective cry, from the noisy ball (when it rolls) to the rain stick. In one word : things are piling up next to the couch ! There is a whole series of games in there which I always refused to explore (flat refusal). And concerning the other games, I must be motivated and reminded of their existance to show any interest for a few minutes.
(to be continued)
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friday 11 february 2005

55. In the forest (3)

Thanks to that little game, I walk a little and I learn to orientate myself with sounds.
I also mostly learn to trust, because sometimes, I deviate from my trajectory, heading for a ditch or a large beech. Briefly said, I must listen to daddy's advice. "Stop!" - "To the left" - "To the right" - "Here the pushchair !" (...)
In conclusion, if you run, in the forest, into a funny guy with a white dog, waving an empty pushchair singing : "pushchair, push-pushchair..." and that further ahead, there is a kid laughing on his own and slowly moving forward, don't worry.
It's not visitation day in some nearby asylum. Although ... when you see sometimes the face of the people we walk by...

(P.S. : ridicule doesn't kill anymore, otherwise the whole family would have been decimated a long time ago !)

picture :
Lou en forêt-2
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monday 7 february 2005

54. In the forest ("pushchair stay there!") (2)

Lou et la poussette(continued)
Since I'm lazy and mistrusting by nature (I guess you figured that), daddy found a trick to get me to walk in the forest. He lets me hold the pushchair and says "Pushchair, stay there!".
I then take a couple of steps pushing it forward, then, mischievously, I throw it further away (I'm sure daddy uses that opportunity to move even firther). So he leaves me all alone on the path. "Aaaah, the pushchair, it's getting away! Pushchair, stop !"... And I laugh.
Once it stops, daddy waves the pushchair around so I can spot it by the noise... and I walk
to him. And we start over...
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sunday 6 february 2005

53. In the forest (1)

So I love going for walks in the forest with daddy.
To me, the forest is a funny place : you can't hear cars, just the wind in the trees. And then, there are those poles daddy calls trees and which he absolutely wants me to touch. It's small or big, rugged (I don't really like it actually), and I only know the bottom of it.
Except once, there was a tree laying down and he made me walk on it so I could realize how big and tall it is (when it's standing).
I'm not sure I really got it...
Daddy is always telling me there are lots and lots of trees in a forest. Whatever. I don't
see the point. What I like is the rolling of the pushchair.
(to be continued)

picture :
Lou en forêt
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saturday 5 february 2005

52. Mega, the dog

MégaSpeaking of animals, I'm realizing I still haven't introduced Mega. She's daddy's dog. He even often calls her "Nilfisk" because she's always hanging around me when I'm eating.
I must say I often drop bits of my sandwhich or I spill some of my spoon's content. At least, with her, the floor around the table is always shining !
Acually, I like Mega, and I don't like her : I like her because she's part of the family, but I don't like it when she barks or when she comes lick my face.
However when I was younger and she would precisely come and give me a facial wash, I would stick my entire hand down her mouth, without her reacting in any way. But nowadays I'm not getting stepped on anymore, and she better move when she's sleeping just anywhere.

Last detail : thanks to Mega, daddy sometimes takes me for a walk in the forest with her.
I love calling her the way daddy does when she got too far away : "Mega ! (I whistle) Doggy ! Come Mega ! Good dog ..." (I have almost as much authority as daddy !)
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thursday 3 february 2005

51. The horse

Lou à chevalIf there is an animal I really love, it is definetely the horse. So when the opportunity came along, mommy and daddy put me on one : at the fair or at friends'.
I love wandering around on the back on this big animal who seems so peaceful to me. And at least, with him, we move and it doesn't scream in my ear ! Of course, my parents are stuck with walking alongside me, just to reassure me and make sure I don't just suddenly decide to get off. But so far, no problemo. I'm sure there will be more of these experiences some time soon. Oh yes, oh yes !
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wednesday 2 february 2005

50. The sheep

Last year, at school, I went on "classes vertes" in a farm specially equipped for discovering life at the countryside. Three days without daddy and mommy, who 'm guessing enjoyed the chance to rest a little. It was great... except for a little incident which profoundly marked me.

lire la suite

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