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  Hello, I am a little boy who only sees right with his heart...
Which doesn't make my parent's daily life any easier. So I'm blind and different (mentally speaking).




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Lou on the djembe


Welcome to Lou's blog

This blog was born in french during autumn 2003 and is now progressively being translated in your language.

New articles will therefore appear on a regular basis.


... my apologies to the people who hadn't understood this yet, all articles on this website are created and written by myself (his dad).

Lou is currently unable to do it,, just like he is to this day unable to grasp the concept of a "computer", "internet", or to focus for a long period of time on a conversation. Only time will tell us if we manage to integrate him completely in the world in which he lives.

Therefore all stories, despite relating actual facts, are obviously biased by my interpretation of his behavior. But having known him for over five years, I don't think I'm getting it wrong.

Want to know more ? Check out the "read me" page.

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monday 1 september 2008

To be followed

Lou blind child genius on pianoYou will find the continuation of the history of Lou, only in French
on the page "Je Journal de Lou"
on You tube (to see his progress on piano)
on video Lou live !

To continue the translation in English requires too much time of me and is too expensive.
I'm really sorry.


Lou's daddy

Little prince on piano
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thursday 1 september 2005

117. This is it...

Lou et son papaIt was bound to happen...
I can tell daddy's been doing a lot of thinking in the past month.
And he took his decision...

It will be a few months soon since he started writing one, two, or three articles about me
everyday on this website, since he stepped into my shoes, making me say lots of things that I would be incapable of saying by myself.

Despite the repeated warnings, and beyond the sincere game that takes place with some readers who write to my "double", many seem to have missed the fact that my mental handicap is serious. If you carefully go over the posts, you'll see the sentences between quotation marks attributed to me are the only ones I'm capable of saying. And if you read those carefully, you might be able to discern that invisible barrier which makes comunication with me impossible.

So in order to remain completely honest, the day has come for me, Lou's daddy, to do the talking... because that's the point I wanted to make. And also because it's time to get to work on that darn book and that slightly odd documentary haunting my nights : "letters to Lou" - a little prince quite unlike all others -

Hence this website will no longer be updated daily, rather now and then.
Also, I created a second "blog" (letters to Lou), where I will write these "letters to Lou" using the first person. It will be another laboratory, more discreet and a bit darker (I'll talk about it again). Finally I just created a mailing-list for those of you who wish to be informed when new articles are posted on either website.

Today I just sent a call for help to many producers who know me, like a message in a bottle, with honesty and probably also clumsiness ... as I usually do.
Whatever will be, will be.
My only baggage is what I am : an imperfect human being, with his qualities and his flaws.
For in my own way, I am a bit like Lou, in a world I don't easily understand, and which scares me increasingly.

Lou is more than a mirro, he is an angel lost on an unknown planet.

And in that respect, I see myself in him.

Lou is existential question.
No more, no less.
And that's why on top of all these projects, I still have a lot more to share with you that's
not strictly about Lou or "me".
But those are completely different stories.

My reason to keep moving forward today, to shake myself, and to keep walking down this path with you, dear readers.

Kind Regards.

Luc Boland
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wednesday 22 june 2005

106. The singularity of the web ( by Lou's dad )

When I visit the statistics website which analyzes your comings and goings on this blog (well yes, I also like to know our "readers" and guess who they are), I discover things sometimes amazing, sometimes peculiar !
- First of all your geographical location, dear readers :
I discover that besides Belgium, France, Canada, Switzerland, and Luxembourg (quite logically sorted by importance), some visitors are also from Italy, Spain, England , United States, Australia (hello my "fanclub" from autralia ! ;-), Ireland, Austria, Burkinafasso, Japan, and ... Colombia.

- Funnier yet : "keywords" used by search engines (Google,Yahoo!, etc...) : Of course, the words "Lou" and "little prince" show up quite frequently.
On the other hand, I would like to see the face of those who typed : "chiwawa pictures", "I can't see my hard drives anymore", "I'm having a laugh", "benjamin bioley", "drawings of lice", "scary drawings", "playing with disney", "the three little pigs", "Mother Anne's
And even more the face of those who searched for : "kinky place in belgium", "poop", "small
pecker", "adult touching a kid's pecker" (!), "wiener".
Me thinks they must have been a little surprised and didn't stay long on the site. (P.S.: just shows search engines sometimes have funny ways of summarizing a site, because I checked and indeed, if you type on Google "adult touching a kid's pecker", this site shows up in 3rd
position, despite the fact that no such sentence is present on this website).
Go figure ! And since our motto is "better to laugh about it than cry about it" ...
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thursday 31 march 2005

77. Clarification ! (by Lou's dad)

I've received the following message about my blog :
Hello, I just found out about your blog which I thought was very moving. It is filled with humanity, and most likely sincerity. I have no means of knowing whether what I've read is true but you present it as such. Having said that, if Lou really does exist, I'm not sure all this is really any good for him.

Therefore it seemed important to me that I answer and publicly explain my position.
Here is my reply :

lire la suite

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thursday 24 february 2005

63. I will be a star !

Hello, hello, little dog Courage ! Hello, hello, mister René ! Hello, hello, Colargol, Garacroc, Marie-Anne, Bon-Papy, Virgule and all my friends from the internet !
Guess what, the belgian television came to film me yesterday, wednesday, to talk about the website and broadcast a story about me in the 19:30 news (great story, congratulations Francois !).
They had noticed the website during a recent story about "blogs" and since apparently it was a special day for blind people ...
We had a lot of fun, and I did everything I was asked to, even if at times I was troubled by the presence of the tv crew and the messed up afternoon program ... But they picked me the way I am !

To see the vidéo (...in french indeed) with Quicktime viewer IT'S HERE !

Reportage RTBF
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saturday 22 january 2005

Welcome to Lou's blog

If you like this blog, Please, help me to let it discover to the english web community.

Kind Regards,
Lou's daddy.
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saturday 25 december 2004

18. Daddy, daddy .... but there's also and especially Mommy !

ClaireDaddy takes up a lot of space on this website, but you shouldn't forget mommy ! She's devoted to me in a way nobody else is... She's the one who gives me my hormone shot every evening (daddy is scared of doing it).

Then she's infinitely patient with me, and she always comes up with creative ideas to awaken me to the world...
In short, she's the greatest mom on Earth ( as a matter of fact, on this saturday morning, while my daddy is typing these lines, she's at the swimming pool with me and Eva, like almost every saturday morning - daddy doesn't like swimming -).
I really wanted this to be said, because my daddy, he's very talkative... also he's the one managing the site.
Maybe some day mommy will write an article and daddy will post it.
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friday 24 december 2004

Our best wishes.

Dear readers,

Like last year, I made a video to present our wishes : "2004 sunshines through Daddy's Eyes".
The clip features Lou's "first symphony" as the soundtrack ( actually his first contact with the synthetiser he received for his 6th birthday ).

To see the video :
click here

For people without ADSL or cable, a "light" version ( faster to download ) is available :click here

The clip lasts 1'30" and can be viewed with Quicktime ( free and available both on PC and Mac ).

You'll just have to be a little patient for the download.

May our wishes of happiness be with you throughout 2005.

Thank you for your numerous wishes, letters, and signs of support which marked 2004.

The Boland tribe

(for those of you who missed our 2004 wishes : they're right here ) !)
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tuesday 7 december 2004

2. Don't hesitate to react !

Your opinion and comments interest us.
Don't hesitate to write (check out the bottom of the right column).
picture :
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monday 6 december 2004

1. Who Am I ?

before you read all the articles, may I invite you to read all the information located at the top ("read me"). That way, you will know who I am, what my disabilities are, etc...
Kind Regards,
Lou's daddy


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