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... my apologies to the people who hadn't understood this yet, all articles on this website are created and written by myself (his dad).

Lou is currently unable to do it,, just like he is to this day unable to grasp the concept of a "computer", "internet", or to focus for a long period of time on a conversation. Only time will tell us if we manage to integrate him completely in the world in which he lives.

Therefore all stories, despite relating actual facts, are obviously biased by my interpretation of his behavior. But having known him for over five years, I don't think I'm getting it wrong.

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sunday 12 june 2005

103. Aaah ... the cow !

Marguerite, la vacheIf you are long time readers, you must know I love playing with words and sounds.
Being at the countryside, last week, daddy told me a little reptitive story that was really in context : the cow !
Do you know it ?

"The cow has two byproducts : milk and dung.
Milk ? Doesn't matter, but dung is either one of two things : it's either on the field, or on the road.
If it's on the field, it doesn't matter. But if it's on the road, it's either one of two things : it's either dry, or it's fresh.
If it's dry, it doesn't matter. But if it's fresh, either one of two things can happen : you can either see it, or you can't see it.
If you can see it, it doesn't matter. But if you can't see it, either one of two things can happen : either you don't step on it, or you do step on it.
If you don't step on it, it doesn't matter. But if you do step on it, either one of two things can happen : you either don't notice, or you do notice.
If you don't notice it doesn't matter. But if you do notice, yell : the COW ! ... has two byproducts : milk and dung. "
(and here we go again)
I love it !
Daddy explained what dung was (and the rest) so I could get a vague idea of what the song is about. Since then, we regularly tell the "cow" story together. Daddy starts one sentence... and I complete it :
Daddy : "Milk ?"
Me : "It doesn't matter !" (etc)
Sometimes I even do it on my own. I must admit I do get confused though.
Me : (...) " it's either in the field, or on the road. If it's on the road it doesn't matter, but if it's on the road, either one of two things can happen, you either step on it ... (etc)"
My favourite moment ? The transition when we loop back to the beginning of course !
Me : " ... if you notice yell (and I yell) The Cow ! (I leave a blank, then get back into it) ... has two byproducts, milk and dung ..."

(the drawing is from a children's tale realised and illustrated by daddy) : See the tale (in french).
By Luc Boland :: dimanche 12 juin 2005 at 11:21 :: My own world :: #123 :: rss

Your comments

G'day my little mate,

I have to take a moment here and speak to your daddy, I will be back in a moment.

Luc, you are so very talented, thank-you for the link, I thoroughly enjoyed the drawings and the feel, I left a message on your tag board, sorry that I do not speak French, again you are very talented.

Lou, you have such a lovely daddy, I can just hear you both singing that song in my head.

Thank-you for sharing

Kathy xoxox

lundi 13 juin 2005 at 03:03, comment from vegemiterules :: email :: site :: #

Sweet Lou,
You sound like you have a great time with your Daddy - I'll take the milk over the dung any day.

lundi 13 juin 2005 at 21:06, comment from Karen :: email :: site :: #

Hello, Loulou! I like the little cow story. Daddy always makes things so much fun, doesn't he? Hope you are having tons of fun! Kisses...

lundi 13 juin 2005 at 21:15, comment from stephie :: email :: site :: #

I will let translate "Margerite, the cow". It will be easyer for you all.

mardi 14 juin 2005 at 12:17, comment from Luc :: #

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