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wednesday 25 may 2005

98. Hygiene... is Little Dog Courage's business !

Lou sur petit pot(or how to change the subject of the conversation)

I'm a smart guy.
When I do something wrong and I'm being yelled at (and being called by my first name), I fix it by telling them to talk to Little Dog Courage about that problem !
So two days ago I forgot to ask to go to the restroom to pee. About that, I should say I'm almost "clean" : except for a few accidents, I ask to go to the restroom like a big boy. Even the potty, like on the picture, is history.
At night, it's still a bit complicated for me. So I still wear a diaper to sleep. I have to say my nasty diabetes doesn't make it easier (without medication my body doesn't retain water, which comes out of me almost as quickly as it got in). So I need 0.05 ml of a drug injected through my nose with a tiny tube / measuring cap, morning and evening, which is transmitted to my organism through the mucous membranes of my nose.
A simple cold or a sneeze within 5 minutes of the injection and the drug doesn't workproperly (or not at all), and then (about eight hours later) I turn into a clone of the Manneken Pis (note : famous statue in Brussels of a boy urinating) ! But myself and my parents are well used to all this : every morning starts with the "little tube" like a ritual, a habit...

Getting back to the accident two days ago,
my parents hadn't noticed anything.
When daddy took me upstairs to put me to bed, we made the usual stop at the bathroom : diaper and teeth brushing. That's when daddy noticed my pyjama pants were slightly wet.
"Well Loulou, what's this ? Did you pee in your pants ?"
And me, correcting him right away : "Little Dog Courage ! ... Daddy now !" (as in : daddy must repeat his sentence). But he wouldn't let me have it. He had figured out my trick !
"No Lou, I'm not talking to Little Dog Courage ! It's Lou who pee'ed in his pants, not Little Dog Courage. Little Dog Courage is a game .. it's not you !"
You should've seen my face, all like : give me a while for the thinking machine to warm up so I can think of an appropriate reaction.
I must admit daddy really got me this time.
Something tells me they will become more vigilant every time I try to get away with something like this...
By Luc Boland :: mercredi 25 mai 2005 at 18:37 :: My own world :: #117 :: rss

Your comments

Hello lou,
It looks like your Daddy caught you out this time - My little girl Rachel sometimes wets her pants - For her it's a good excuse to have a bath - she loves having baths.

Take care xxx

mercredi 25 mai 2005 at 20:35, comment from Karen :: email :: site :: #

Ahh, kiddo, I have that same kind of diabetes, and it's not very fun when the medication wears off or doesn't work at all, is it? I don't think people who don't have it realize how thirsty we can get... I wish you didn't have it.

jeudi 26 mai 2005 at 04:24, comment from Thumper :: email :: site :: #

Yes, about thirst, It's sometime hard for Lou. Every five minutes, when de medication doesn't work, he ask to have water.

jeudi 26 mai 2005 at 06:43, comment from Luc :: #

G'day my little Devil,

You are certainly mischevious. So "Little Dog Courage" doesn't cut it any more hey?

It must be hard my little mate, taking your medicine like a man every day, and then sometimes having the occasional slip up.

You Daddy certainly has a lovely sense of humour, alluding that sometimes you are like the Mannekin Pis, that was touchingly funny.

It is all about baby steps Lou, sometimes though, before we take one step forward, we take two steps backward, but I am sure that you will work this one out, I do not think that any one can pull the wool over your eyes.

Take care my little mate


jeudi 26 mai 2005 at 12:12, comment from vegemiterules :: email :: site :: #

Hello, Loulou! Sounds like you might have to try something different now if Little Dog Courage isn't doing the trick. Like try really hard to remember to go to the bathroom more often. Accidents do happen though so don't you feel bad. Especially since your diabetes is partly to blame. It must be tough on you to take the medication like that twice a day. I know that you are very good for Mommy and Daddy when they give it to you, right? Hope you have a great weekend, little man. I'm going to be out of town and may not be able to check on you for a few days. Be good for me, okay? I'm going to miss you while I'm gone. I love you! Kisses!!!!

jeudi 26 mai 2005 at 16:48, comment from stephie :: email :: site :: #

Good week-end at all !
Lou will got to Mommy and grandaddy's house for the week-end. And us, we will take a little part of goodtime, only for us.

jeudi 26 mai 2005 at 19:19, comment from Luc :: #

G'day Luc,

I hope that Lou enjoys his visit with family.

Have a great weekend end Luc, sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses.


samedi 28 mai 2005 at 03:43, comment from vegemiterules :: email :: site :: #

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