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friday 29 april 2005

89. The calm of the countryside

Lou endormi( my week on holidays 2 )

Usually I sleep well in the Ardennes house, where absolute calms reigns (it's in the middle of nowhere).
I'm saying : usually ( although ...), because this time, it was the contrary !
Is it the change to summer time, or the fact that I switched to a sleep cycle where I take regular naps in the afternoon ?
Whatever it is I've been giving a really hard time to daddy and mommy, whose neighboring room is only separated from mine by a thin wall.

One night it even started at 2 a.m. Talking about little dog Courage, Marie-Anne, "madame" (new one), inventing stories or singing, making noise... In short, despite repeated interventions by mommy or daddy, I was partying every night between 4 a.m. and around 8 am when I got out of bed. As a result I would feel seriously tired in the afternoon, and in the evening I would be really "jumpy".
Moral of the story I was often playing "baby cadum", throwing huge fits. No way I would obey, and then I would engage in a physical strength challenge.
I have to say my parents are crossing the line. I don't know what got into them, but they have decided to break some of the molds in which I bask and that I tend to use to dictate my own law (such as for example the ritual of going to bed, where it always had to be mommy who would carry me up to bed). Granted I'm the one who started it fifteen days ago by asking daddy to carry me up to bed. But then I did a complete U-turn : I only wanted daddy to go to bed.
So they decided to alternate rather than go along with my moods.
My reaction shouldn't come as a surprise to them...
In conclusion, this week wasn't always relaxing, neither for me nor for my parents, because on top of it daddy had decided to paint some radiators, and I didn't like that at all because as a result he wasn't available for three or four hours every day.
As soon as I wanted to be with him, he would apologize and explain he was busy painting the radiators. So I would yell : "The radiatoooooor ! The radiatoooooor !"
Well ... that's also what life with me is about, and I'm a child like any other, who needs boundaries. Except I don't understand too well the meaning of boundaries despite permanent efforts from my parents.
Finally, to conclude the chapter about bad memories, there's that night when I banged my head against a coffee table while being silly. It took half an hour to calm me down. You can imagine how agitated I was, drunk wth rage. Nothing would calm me down : I wanted to take revenge, to pinch, to hit, to push back...
Put yourself in my shoes for a minute : a "thing" (in this case, the table) savagely attacks me, so me ... I pay back cash.

That said, and in conclusion, I still had a very good time during these holidays (and so did my parents). I have lots of things to tell you.
(to be continued...)
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